Way to keep page focused on one section? Page Up / Page Dn don't scroll - is there another option? See screen capture

Having issues quickly navigating from section to section in Webflow… Maybe I’m missing something?

  1. I’m working on one section, and when I preview the different breakpoints using shortcuts num2, num3, num4 - laptop, iPad, mobile, etc. that’s very handy, but the browser doesn’t remain focused on the section I’m working on - so each time I have to scroll /updown - which is time-consuming and cumbersome, and the scroll bars in Webflow are not the easiest to see and or grab… Is there a way to remain focused on one section while cycling through breakpoints?

  1. Building on #1, Page DN and Page UP do not seem to work in the Webflow environment, is there another way to achieve this quick scroll keyboard shortcut method?

  2. How do I keep my logo grid from disappearing in mobile? it resizes and disappears…

Thanks in advance.

hi @Trey as Webflow is complex program it require at least basic knowledge HTML & CSS. There is no magic that will do things for you automatically. I will recommend you to educate your self with watching all videos on Webflow University to get basic knowledge how Webflow works and then if you would like to be even better take course for HTML & CSS or vice versa.

Thanks for the reply, but that doesn’t help much. #1 and #2 are really about the interface, and what it can do as far as focusing.

- still not understanding why the grid disappears?

Anybody else able to chime in on this one?

Thanks in advance.