Way to contain collection ID or slug in form submission data?

hello. I have a question about form submission data that exists on CMS. On the site I run, I include a form in a specific collection. When you fill out the form, a button to download the report appears.

Is there a way to receive the ID or slug of the corresponding collection together with the incoming information when receiving a form submission? Finally I want to see which report is getting the most downloads!

example collection, 트리플라잇 Triplelight

Thank you.

You can include a hidden referrer field in your form using an embed code component.

var Webflow = Webflow || [];
Webflow.push(function() {
  const refField = document.createElement('input');
  refField.type = 'hidden';
  refField.name = 'Referrer';
  refField.value = location.pathname;

Thank you samliew!

I embeded script in form and made it!

I also found and refer to this video. Thanks.

Using Hidden Fields to Send Page Names Through Forms in Webflow (Including CMS pages) - YouTube