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Way of Static Page having same folder as Collection Page?


Is there a way to have a Static Page within the same folder as a Collection Page only I can’t find a way to do this?

For example I have a ‘Collection URL’ within a ‘CMS’ Collection’ as ‘market-research’, and because of this I think it is now stopping me create a folder within the ‘Static Pages’ section entitled ‘market-research’ (which I would have assumed would have already been a folder if I’d created it within the CMS Collection URL?).

For example I need the following:
THIS WOULD BE A STATIC PAGE and its basically shows all the individual Services of the Service CMS Collection.

THIS IS A COLLECTION PAGE and basically shows the selected Service from any links clicked on from the afore mentioned URL []

Any help and advice would greatly appreciated, as I’m basically re-producing my existing Drupal site in Webflow so want to maintain the same URLs wherever possible.


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