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Wappler vs bubble vs webflow for Saas creation

Hello everyone, hope y’all are doing well. I am completely new to the no code community.
I am working with another friend we want to create a SaaS for writers, we already have to audience we are just creating for our own group (first time authors) we want something that has sign up page with multiple options paid and free, then something like Google doc but that has a novel writing format, when writing we want something like grammerly that lets you know if you have miss spelled something and gives you suggestions, we also have something like the Google read and write, where if you select something and makes it text to speech and also speech to text. So it has to be that each user can only access what they are working on. Now I am a student so pricing is a big deciding factor, what can I use to build this, bubble, wappler or webflow if it’s possible with webflow. The good thing i like about wappler is the option to export code which bubble doesn’t have but bubble has a free version which wappler doesn’t have unless there is one and it’s not showing up on the landing page, I have some experience with the business side of things and how they are run but not much technical.
I would really appreciate any and all feedback.