Wanted: Sydney based Webflow Master

A couple of months I started a digital design agency called The Means (www.themeans.com.au)

I’ve found Webflow to be integral to the structure of our business, but have now reached a point where I have far more work than I can handle.

I’m teaching a few interns Webflow to help out, but am in need of some skilled assistance.

Anyone out there?

Thanks a lot!

Hey there,

I’m a freelance designer in Sydney, i’m currently learning the ropes of Webflow which is going at a quick rate as I have 4 years experience in web design; but unfortunately not much in the coding side. I’d love to get in contact with you, as I see fit to be able to be an essential function to your business!

Please contact me if you’re interested in talking further.



It would be good to sit down for a chat some time

would you mind passing me your details?



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