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Wanted: Image slider with thumbnail navigation

Hi, Any chance we will se an image slider with thumbnail-based navigation?

That is, something like what they have for the products pages on

We frequently need that for many of our client sites, where they want to showcase various products etc. Then it is important to be able to quickly select the image, rather than just waiting for images to slide by, or blindly clicking some round dots in the bottom, as the slider works now.

Oh, I just found some indication that this is being worked on already(?): Poll: How should the Webflow Lightbox work?

Sounds like you want a blend of a slider and tabs widget. Currently I’d choose either one because there’s no easy way to build what you are trying to build at the moment. The lightbox has different functionality - it opens a full screen preview area to show off high-res images. So that’s different.

Ok, thanks for the feedback and info!

I did in fact find a standalone script that was easy enough to add manually after exporting my code, so my immediate problem is solved!

// Samuel