Want to remove sitelink (sitemap) under website's Google search


When I search my website on Google, there are 4 sitelinks show under my website search and I want to remove 2 sitelinks from google search sitelink. But in Webflow’s project settings it shows “Auto-generate sitemap” under SEO settings. Please guide me the process how I remove these 2 sitelinks from my website’s google search.
Thank you in advance.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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In Googlespeak a “sitelink” is a specific part of the SERP results;

That has nothing to do with your sitemap, Google chooses them automatically, though you might have some ability to influence it in google search console (GSC)

If by sitelink you mean “a search result linking to my site”, that’s a different thing, and you don’t need to worry about your sitemap.xml there. What you do need to do, for those pages, is to add a robots noindex META tag;