Want to get the Webflow-Device-Cards

Hey there!

I’m working on some projects since a while and I’m new in the Webflow Community,

I did create a DIV which is looking like an Illustration of a desktop-website. I saw this on an Webflow video on youtube.

Now I got the problem that I cannot reuse this card.
Does anybody now how to create a reuseable card like down in the picture. Or is there somewhere an option to get this kind of cards as images?

Thanks for you help!

Apologies if I’m misunderstanding… you want to create reusable cards like in the image, or you made a DIV that looks like this image?

Is the image you shared one component, with multiple parts? If so, then you can use symbols with overrides… soon to be nested symbols with overrides.

Hey @magicmark!
Thanks for your prompt reply - appreciate that!

I already created a DIV is looking like on the picture.

A symbol is a helpful future but I want to use this card on an other section in a different size and different colors.
Don’t know how to figure that out.

Thanks for the help!

So you can make the component responsive, so that it adapts to the parent that it is placed in. If you’ve used explicit widths then that’s going to be tricky.

You can set up and use combo classes to you can have one instance with your default classes, and you can copy and paste the element and append with your combol classes for the different page.
Here’s a link on the Webflow University around using these.

If you can share a read only link, along with what you’ve already tried, it would anble us to show you in a little more detail perhaps.

Thank you for your effort!

Now I got an other SVG and want to change the green color. (See attachment)
Is there any option to change this?

(This is a screenshot of the SVG:)