Want the checkout "process" but not the ecommerce

Hi Guys,

Thanks in advance for any advice / help. :slight_smile:

I just installed an ecommerce template for the first time.

I want users to be able to surf around the site as if it were ecomm; add things to their “basket” (the final product is PDF’s); go through the ecomm process; then get to the “order” configuration page and just receive the PDF’s that were in their basket. (Links to PDFs in fact).

I do NOT need payment, the site will be a free resource, so I guess I just want to disable payment but keep the ecomm ‘functionality’.

Is this even possible? How best to do it? Am I still forced to pay for a Webflow ecommerce plan?

Many thanks again!


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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It is possible to use the ecommerce plan to complete an ‘order’, if your product price is ‘0’ (zero) then payment is bypassed. If you don’t want to use an ecommerce plan then you might want to integrate a 3rd party solution or add custom code.

Thanks Gail! What kind of 3rd party resource could that be? I basically want folk to be able to “fill their baskets” with a load of PDF’s and then collect them all (basically just links to these pdf’s)…

Have a look at the Webflow integrations | Webflow University you might find a solution that suits your budget and requirements.