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Want me to review your Webflow project? Post it here

For the last two Webflow workshop live streams, I’ve had to deny site review requests. :sweat_smile: Sorry.

In order to make it up to the community, I’ll be reviewing your projects tomorrow (3/6/2019) ONLY (not live on YouTube) and posting my thoughts in a video on this thread.

Ready? Set? POST AWAY! :smiley:


I wish I could share mine but I’m still working on my website. :disappointed:

Okay, so, still working on
Last time you had a look, I had these white background blocks that would appear on hover behind text. I got them working after the review. Looking at analytics, it just seemed to confuse people so I got rid of them. Feels a bit empty without them, though!
The homepage is now responsive, it hasn’t got a mobile menu yet. The blog, at /blog; does have a working mobile menu that looks the way I had in mind. I’m not happy with the blog post design yet. :slight_smile:

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