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I am having some issues with webflow not connected to a single website but across the entire platform when it comes to slugness caused by waiting for

When I open a div in the navigator, when I alter some value in the style panel… waiting for

I have already created a special user profile in chrome without any extensions and cash keeping but the result is the same, waiting for

Are there any known issues with this at the moment?

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@Marcel_Deelen - When you integrate a third party API or service with Webflow via the front end, you are simply instructing the clients browser to load and interact with whatever resources / interactions the included script(s) are performing. It has nothing to do with Webflow since they are not hosting the scripts nor providing the resources.

This is not a bug. Topic changed to GENERAL.

You can reach out to the third party for help. You may want to look at progressive enhancement to limit the impact.

@Marcel_Deelen - You are correct. I just audited sources. The designer is pulling in some JS from them. The latency issues shown on the pubnub status page was probably the issue.

Sorry for stepping on your post.

I suspect webflow will need to take a look at how to mitigate the impact of this happening in the future.

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