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Wait for interactions to finish before loading new page?


I need some help with interactions. I have a page load interaction where the width and opacity goto 0-100%. And then a click interaction for each nav item that does the opposite. But when I click the link, the page loads up before the interaction has finished. I tried using a wait step and ticking the wait for elements to load.

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Added this custom code to fix it but would be great if can do this in webflow without custom code.

$('a').click(function (e) {
    e.preventDefault();                   // prevent default anchor behavior
    var goTo = this.getAttribute("href"); // store anchor href

    // do something while timeOut ticks ... 

         window.location = goTo;

at this time, you can’t stop a page from loading without custom code. But we are currently working on a new update for the interactions tool. So this may be possible in the future. Stay tuned! :slight_smile:

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