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Visual Effects on an iPad / iPhone

Do the visual effects work on an iPad or iPhone ?

I exported a test site. On an iPad / iPhone… not 1 effect worked.

The website displays properly / correctly… just no transitions.

Quoting @thesergie from June 17th:

Currently scroll interactions are disabled on iOS touch devices mainly because the way they refresh content (based on touch events, not scroll events). Scroll interactions work on other touch devices.

So only the scroll trigger is disabled ?
Do interactions work on the ipad swipe ? like a slider, would it change slides on swipe ?

Do they work on click trigger ?


hmmm. I’m getting no interactions at all. No load or scroll (and obviously no hover).

Well - at least it loads and displays correctly. That’s a good thing.

I will have to explain to clients why they are not seeing interactions though.

that takes as long to ask than to test ◕‿◕ I don’t know

@thesergie could you enlight us again, precisely, on what should work on iOS and other devices? Is this going to evolve soon? Thanks

@vincent, Scroll events do not work on Mobile, other interactions should. @Revolution, do you have a public link to your site to share, we can take a look what is going on with you site :smile:

Cheers, Dave