Visibility of navbar elements in different breakpoints

Hi, i was looking for help on how to replace elements depending on the breakpoint sizes. What i’m trying to achieve: i have a logo on the navbar of my site and this logo (svg 1) has some complexity to it, therefore i would like this logo to display (be replaced by) a more simplified version (svg 2 - which i already have in the Assets) on mobile landscape and portrait views. How do I go about doing this?

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hi @Antonio_Soveral as you do not follow forum request guide no one can see how you have implemented it and as there is always many ways how to achieve identical result it will be very hard to give a “correct” answer.

Anyway here are some options:

  1. do it programaticaly with custom code.
  2. If you are “no-coder” you can place both images in one area and set visibility (hide) for both the way you need. This mean hide complex logo on smaller viewports and show simplified version.

NOTE: you can face an issues with mobile landscape as resolution (pixel density) is almost identical with lager mobile devices or monitors. Here will come custom code (media queries) where you set landscape orientation conditions.

good luck

Hi Stan, thank you for your response.

How do i follow the forum request guide?


hi @Antonio_Soveral it is pined on top of each section.

if you have miss it here it is

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hope this will help