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Is it okay to give Google some time to crawl and index brand new pages before they are live and able to be found when searching?

I’ve launched a website yesterday and only one page is visible (one that was previously a ‘coming soon’ page). The alt-text & description didn’t change yet.

Once you’re on that page you can visit the entire website, but when typing “site:” before specific page names, they do not show up in the search results. Is this normal behavior and a sign that Google is still indexing or crawling everything? Or is this an indication something’s wrong?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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Questions about Google indexing and search are best answered by Google.

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Thanks for the resources!

Hi Nicholas,

Using Google’s site: search qualifier is no longer considered reliable. Around 2017 Google blogged that it shouldn’t be used any longer for SEO evaluation purposes, as it can’t be relied upon to give comprehensive results.

A better source for determining what’s indexed is GSC - google search console.

I’m compiling notes on ways to improve SEO in webflow sites here.
Keep me posted on how your adventures go.

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Thanks for letting me know about the site: search qualifier, I wasn’t aware of it not being reliable anymore.

I’m using Google Search Console and pages are getting indexed and appearing in search results so I guess I just needed some more patience.

Resources are solid man, I’m reading them at the moment and they provide good info!