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Virtual Design Sprint using Webflow: November 12-16

Hi all,

I’m organizing an event in early November for design sprints, using Webflow as a centerpiece for developing the proposed prototype. The deadline for signing up is this Friday, and wanted to post here to see if anyone was interested or had questions.

Here’s a high level summary of the event.

Dallas Design Sprints will be organizing a virtual design sprint pilot in November to support international design and development talent. We’ll be doing a number of smaller events and workshops leading up to the event. These events will involve learning and practicing Mural, Webflow and the various activities inherent in the design sprint process itself.

November 12-16

How to sign up:
Fill out this 3-5 minute survey. It’ll ask about your interest, what challenge/big idea you would like to take on, and what would be a meaningful use of your time -


  • You can sign up for one hour, one day or the full week, depending on your interest and availability.
  • We’ll initially pair design sprint teams together, based on location, interest and discipline. You’ll have the chance to switch teams if you’d like.
  • We send out updates on the events progress via email every Monday and Thursday.
  • I hold a Facebook Live every weekday at 10:00 AM for 10-15 minutes to answer questions and give updates.

Hope to hear from you!

Spider (Robert)

P.S. - @anais or @jmw : Please feel free to take down this post if you’d like me to go about this a different way. Hope the both of you are doing well. :slight_smile:

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