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[Violation] 'setTimeout' handler took 1709ms

I keep getting this error message in the console:

[Violation] ‘setTimeout’ handler took 1709ms

which is this code in webflow.js (line 211)… (is this an issue ?)

// Returns a function, that, as long as it continues to be invoked, will not
// be triggered. The function will be called after it stops being called for
// N milliseconds. If `immediate` is passed, trigger the function on the
// leading edge, instead of the trailing.
_.debounce = function(func, wait, immediate) {
  var timeout, args, context, timestamp, result;

  var later = function() {
    var last = - timestamp;
    if (last < wait) {
      timeout = setTimeout(later, wait - last);
    } else {
      timeout = null;
      if (!immediate) {
        result = func.apply(context, args);
        context = args = null;


Hi @Revolution it’s very difficult to tell if it’s causing an issue in your site without your Read-Only link or additional information. Could you Contact Webflow and provide as much information as possible so that we can help you further?

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