Vimeo videos in lightbox not playing using Safari

Hey guys, I’m having a weird problem with Vimeo videos in light boxes, but it’s only happening in Safari. Tried it on a few different systems and it works with Chrome just fine, but Safari seems to be busted on OS X. If you click the pause/play button the video will start up, but if you don’t do anything it just hangs there. Here’s a video of what’s happening…

And here’s a link to our archive page where a lot of videos are…

Well, this seems to have resolved itself overnight. Could it be that Vimeo was acting up?

Hi @md673, thanks for the update ! I took a look at the archive url you gave, and I see no errors on the page, which is good, so it likely was something with the net connection or connection to Vimeo.

Without being able to troubleshoot it further, it is hard to say. I would suggest that if this happens again, to report it to, and I am happy to check this, if it happens again!


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