Vimeo URL in CMS / errors

I am having repeatable but erratic problems with using vimeo URLs within the CMS where webflow won’t validate the vimeo links.

Within my CMS I have a “Video Link” entry. When I first started populating the database, vimeo URLs would be accepted, a preview would appear, and they would work correctly within the video element within the collection page.

However webflow will no longer validate URLs within the CMS, and displays the:
“Must be a valid video URL” message

What is even stranger is that if I copy a working URL from another CMS entry it will no longer work in a new entry.

Example working URL in one CMS entry that won’t work in a new CMS entry:

I have a vimeo pro account, and all videos I’m posting are from my own account and are not restricted by domain/privacy/etc.

Has someone come across this problem, and is there a solution?
Or is there a limit on how many video links I can have in a CMS (I have one link field per entry, but i have more than 100 items in my collection)?

Any help or tips would be much appreciated!

There is a current service outage with that is affecting the functionality you are trying to use.

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