Vimeo links not playing in lightbox when privacy setting updated

In my portfolio CMS I have a video link field for Vimeo links. These videos play in a lightbox. I’ve been changing the video link privacy settings (changing some from private to public), but they still show as private in the lightbox, with a CTA to view on Vimeo, which shows the video viewing publicly just fine.

Has anyone else experienced this issue or know what is happening? I’ve tried toggling between unlisted/private/public links and creating new CMS items with said links, but videos still show as private.

I believe reversing the actions also do not change the outcome: I changed some public links to private, and Webflow still showed them as playable in the lightbox.

Is this some caching issue or something?

If anyone can share some insight, that would be marvelous, thank you!!!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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