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Vimeo formatting with a twist!?

Hello all - I’m outsourcing confusion again!

I want to embed a vimeo link in the standard way (client is going to use webflow as a CMS) - so I want them to just paste a link into the Vimeo widget (if possible).

I want the video to be formatted to have no text, no uploader information - basically nothing coloured. Pretty much just a play button, a fullscreen button and a thumbnail.

How can I do that without having to use a custom embed?

And (bonus points) how would I make the thumbnail 25% width but also square?

Thanks in advance! x

Perhaps including the link as I wrote it would be wise:

That - unfortunately - doesn’t seem to work.

You mean without right?

You’ll need a developer to use the Vimeo API to set a default player for anything coming from Vimeo. i don’t know if you can do everything that the sharing/code options on Vimeo propose, through the API, but I don’t see why not.

Thanks - yes “without” - I edited the original.

Is there any chance that you could explain the process atall? My client’s account will own the videos, can my API key therefore control the formatting of her videos? How would one apply blanket formatting to another persons videos on your site?

Thanks so much!


Unfortunately I can’t because I’m not a dev and my understanding here is limited. However this is pretty much an easy work for a web developer.

NO ISSSSUES AMIGO. Thanks for the help.

And yes, this is true. I’m reading the API instructions now.

Almoooooost there I reckon! x