😩 Vimeo embed on link block not working

Hi, I’ve been using link blocks to embed vimeo videos in different instances on my site, such as in a few places here: Savia

However, I tried to do the same on the homepage, and for whatever reason the videos won’t show (check the very last link at the bottom of the featured work section, after “RIO 2016”, there’s a blank space because the embedded video won’t display): https://www.lucaszaiden.com/

I’m trying to use vimeo to replace the GIFs but on that section only gifs work.

I’m using exactly the same code (and video, just for testing purposes) from the one that’s working on the internal page. Same size, same everything.

Any clues?


hmm, is this the video you’re trying to embed?

Something super strange is happening there. Could you paste you read-only link?

Exactly @robingranqvist - that’s the video! Here’s the read-only link: Webflow - Lucas Zaiden

Thanks, try removing the “display: flex” on the embed and see if it changes anything.

It doesn’t display the video, and it removes the text that goes over it.

Strange, I seem to be able to get the video visible by removing its flex property on the live site, the text does get pushed down below it though. Maybe someone else has some good ideas.

Thanks for taking a look @robingranqvist - my guess is having that piece of text over the link block is what’s causing it, but getting rid of it would downgrade the experience. Let’s see if others have alternatives!