Vimeo Embed loading up too late

Can anyone help me with this
I have a number of vimeo video links in CMS, and having a modal open up and play when the video is clicked. But it takes a lot of time to load up the embed…Can anyone suggest a better way to do this so that the user do not have to wait for the video to be loaded ?

You can always try to use the Vimeo API instead. Custom code indeed but well documented. You don’t indicate if you are using the lightbox element (recommended) for this now. Posting to this category requires that you provide more information. See the guidelines.

I didn’t want lightboxes, so I created a modal with vimeo embe, but struggled a bit on the jquery part.
I used lazy load, and the site’s speed was back to normal.

Here’s the website :

Thank you for the help.

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