Vimeo Embed Code Error Message on CMS Page


My goal here is to show auto-play scroll videos on my CMS portfolio pages with controls hidden at high res. Previously, I used background videos loaded on a separate page, pulled the links, and used custom embed code on some of my pages, but I am unhappy with the quality/compression, so for the ‘Revolv’ page, I am trying to use a Vimeo embed (see screenshot for embed code).

I have an input on my CMS pages for rich text to embed custom code, the video is set to public in Vimeo, when I try to input and save this, I get an error message (custom code is not validated…") that doesn’t work when I try to publish (see screenshot).

The other solution I am exploring is hosting the link on a spare page like the others and pulling that code to embed, set autoplay, and hide the play button. The code I am using on the other pages is not working with the source code from Vimeo, though.

I am noticing other people have similar questions that support is not responding to. What’s up with this?

Could someone help guide me on the code I need to get this up and running? Or suggestions outside of what I have previously explored? Thank you!!!

Here is my site Read-Only

Here is my portfolio site link if it’s helpful Sarah Miller – Visual Designer

Hi Sarah,

This is a community forum, so Webflow support doesn’t reply here often. You’d have to contact support directly.

I’m not certain exactly what effect you’re trying to create, but this cloneable might help.

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