Vimeo background videos freeze in Chrome

Hello community!

The company I work for bought a new website made in webflow and it’s looking and working great, to some extend. A recent problem I’ve stumbled upon is that embedded vimeo videos sometimes freeze when loaded in Google Chrome. A few of my colleagues PCs experience the problem, where the video plays for a second before freezing. Sometimes reloading helps, other times it doesn’t.

I’ve tried restoring to back up versions of when it used to work on their PCs but that doesn’t fix the problem. Sometimes it just fixes it on its own, which makes me think it’s a problem on Vimeos side rather than webflow?

The videos are embedded with ?autoplay=1&muted=1&background=1&loop=1

Example of project site: bymunch

Read only link: Webflow - bymunch

This is still a prevalent problem.

The videos seems to load and autoplay and freeze after certain time intervals; ~0,5 sec, ~3 seconds or ~7 seconds.

I’ve tried using lazyload and allowing autoplay in my iframe embed code without any effect.