Viewport/media query issue

Hey there, so when i publish the site to view it on mobile, the viewport is bleeding over about 10-15px or so. I made sure all my sections hide all and couldn’t find anything that wasnt set to auto/100%/100vh.

whats the issue?



this only happens when you click on a text field and back out, it doesn’t automatically snap back to size??

ingore all the other problems i haven’t fixed yet :slight_smile:

This is a default thing on a form field.

I’m not sure if there is any code you can implement and override the default to stop this happening? @zbrah maybe you would know this?

If you visit any other website with a form field, you find this will happen. The browser is focusing on the text field and on iOS (which I’m going to guess you’re using).

Just pinch to zoom back out.

Okay thanks, just an annoying thing!

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