"View Field Connections" in CMS is not comprehensive

After multiple attempts to delete a custom CMS field due to “This field is currently used in Dynamic Template Settings”, here…

…I was finally able to derive that “Dynamic Template Settings” refers to the settings for an individual page’s SEO/metadata/title etc, where I was referencing this CMS field for SEO purposes (before I decided to delete it).

My issue, and the bug, is this reference does not display among the View Field Connections helper tool, here:

So, either I believe Webflow should show Dynamic Template Settings in the View Field Connections menu, or they should add an Info icon (or a link) to the alert that reads “This field is currently used in Dynamic Template Settings” to better assist users in locating this final, blocking connection.

Technically a field within the template settings isn’t within a collection lists or on template pages so I wouldn’t say it’s a bug, but I do agree it’s vague in the wording and could use some additional clarification or visibility within the connections dialog. Ideally I’d love to “force” remove a field or a collection, but I think it’s important that you know the effect it may have on other aspects of your project.

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