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Videos turning sideways on other browsers?

Okay so all the videos under “pink jewel,” “Black Pearl,” and “Irish Wagon” are flipping sideways on internet explorer, and firefox but look normal on Chrome and Safari… Help!?!

@waldo and @sabanna any clue?

My Firefox doesn’t read the vids at all, and it’s normal.

Firefox doesn’t read MP4 videos at all. If yours read them sideways then there is something attempting to read the MP4 and failing.

Internet Explorer desktop and mobile reads MP4 but it has to be real MP4 and not named .Mov.

So your HTML5 video code is incomplete and you’re missing at least one video format.

At the very least you should propose 2 formats: MP4 and WebM. But it’s also better to propose Ogg. (you have the ogg line but there is no file defined for it)

So at the very least you need two lines like this:

<source src="somevideo.webm" type="video/webm">
<source src="somevideo.mp4" type="video/mp4">

Also you should include a line to define a poster image that displays instead of the video when it’s not played.

(And your mp4 video shouldn’t be named .mov but .mp4 or .m4v)

From what I found in this article this problem usually appears when video captured by mobile device.

All videos recorded using mobile devices will contain rotation metadata including those from iOS and Android devices. It can take 4 values: 0 (tilted left), 90 (portrait), 180 and 270:

On Chrome all is good, on Firefox the orientation is wrong… Firefox and IE are the only major browsers not supporting the rotation metadata.

There are guys suggesting transcoding, but I really have no idea how to do this :confused:


Good infos Anna. I am pretty sure that if he produces the right formats for his html videos, this orientation issue will vanish as they will be rewritten without an orientation tag. (ie that counts as “transcoding”)


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