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Videos to rotate from CMS Collection list to single large payback

Hi All
I’m really struggling with this system. The training videos make it look easy but its far from it!
I am trying to make a site with just video.
I want a large video at the top of page and has thumbnails of other films below So when you click on a thumbnail the main video above changes to your selected film and so on so you can click any video and it will always open up in the same page at the top bigger.
How can you do this?
I am also not sure what structure to use to build this.
Tried CMS containers, Just a page for each film and also folders for pages.
Please can someone also help me with the structure for this site.

Link to my site below. I am using the home page as the main page. Then the sub headings will hopefully take you to similar layouts but with different categories.

Also I don’t understand why the jelly film on the home page has massive black bars running horizontally. They disappear when you start to play the film but every time you come to this page for the first time you get these nasty black bars. Can this be fixed so we don’t see them?

sorry for all the questions but I getting so frustrated with Webflow that I’m about to go elsewhere if I can fix these issues.

Much appreciated.

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