Videos pulled from CMS Collection Not Displaying

On our site, we have a CMS collection for our resources and another collection for testimonials. On about half of the testimonials that we have set to display on these landing pages, we have videos (hosted on Loom). However across all instances, the first testimonial is the only one that shows the first video. The videos are still playable, even if they aren’t seen.

Here’s an example: Notion Feedback Template [1-1s & Tracker] | Slam Media Lab | Slam Media Lab

(note: sydney is displaying correctly in this example, his is text only).

We have also tried swapping these to YouTube links, and no luck either. Any help here would be greatly appreciated!

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Slam Media Lab

Bumping this up to the top

Video embeds don’t play nice with some layouts.
Ditch the columns and try something different, perhaps a grid.

You may need to do some custom CSS adjustments there too.