Videos in blog post

Does anyone know why the new fields i’ve added, (video, video2 and plain text) are not showing on my blog post for “blacker than the essence fest”? I’ve filled both urls for the videos and nothing is shown on the post and neither is the pain text.

Here’s a link to my site

Hi @Ashley_Janelle

The fields you add in the CMS don’t magically appear in the Blog Post Template, you need to add an element and bind it to that field.

For the Video, add a video element, choose settings and bind it to the video field in your collection.

Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you I was able to add a video. How can I fix the height on it because it’s so long. Please see here.

what if you added the video in your rich text element and resized it?


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How would i do that?

i posted a video above :slight_smile:

Thank you for that. However I added all of my content that way but I think that is competing with something in the designer or editor because it is not rendering correctly after it’s published. There are spaces and gaps and the text does not align next to images the way it should.