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Videos from all devices play in desktop at the same time

Hello, I have a video embedded in the desktop of my site. It is set to autoplay. And I have duplicated this video for tablet, landscape and portrait because I need to change the video size and if I change it on tablet it changes for desktop too, so that’s why I had to duplicate it for device and then make each visible to its respective device. However, when I open the website, in desktop for example, the video showed is the right one. It autoplays, but all the other videos from all the other devices autoplay too. They don’t show, you can only listen to the audio, but I don’t know why this is… I just need each video to autoplay in its desired device and not hear all 4 videos at once.

Can anyone help me out??? My website is:

the shared link is:

Delete the videos on the other devices and make the desktop video visible on all the devise you want to have the video. Change the videos source from having width=“auto” to width=“100%”. Then you can apply a class to the HTML embed element and use % to size it to the size you want.

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Yes!! That worked!! Thank you very much!

Your welcome. :slight_smile: Glad I could help.

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