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Videoask (By typeform) + Webflow

Hi everybody I’m building a Marketplace website for my Client when users can share they’re spaces.

I’m using VideoAsk on the landing page, users can put the details inside and I’m using it as a “sign-up” process. (Firstname,Lastname, Videos, picts, locations. etc)

All this data goes directly to a spreadsheet (Google\exle) provide by VideoAsk .

This “Link” of the video can go via Whatsapp facebook.

My question is

how I can build a Profile Account for the users that submitted my Forms on videoask.
Or Building a Login-page based on Email? Or with password access? to the Listing page When all i have is data on a spreadsheet.

I hope I explained it right thank you so much for your help I’m stuck and I need to provide this by the end of the month please help me out here