Video won't load when page is surfed to from other link

Weird behavior but I think it’s just something simple being missed.

Problem: Video on homepage sometimes fails to load.

Summary: So we have a site, created previously, with three pages that’s up and running fine, everything works. All pages have different background images, except the homepage which has a video.

We added a fourth page by duplicating one of the other (not homepage) pages and set up the link in the nav bar. Worked fine.

Then we switched the image in the background on the new page but it must have broke something because now when we go to preview mode and surf (via the navbar) to the homepage instead of the video loading it will initially display a grey cross hatch background that reads “background image”. (link below)

What’s weird is that when we reload the homepage the video will load as normal. The ONLY time the homepage seems to display the grey crosshatch background is when we initially navigate to it from the new page.

I can share a link later if need be, but I was wondering if the description triggers any ideas?

Here’s the background image that shows up instead of the video: