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Video with Flowplayer custom code is not playing

I’m trying to integrate Flowplayer into a page on Webflow. The video comes up with the first frame but doesn’t play. If I remove the webflow.css file, it works. If I remove the flowplayer.css file, it works. With both of them it doesn’t. Has anyone else encountered this or have any ideas where to begin debugging? The console on Chrome doesn’t show any errors in debug although it doesn’t show the video playing either. Thoughts from the masses? All help appreciated.

Hi @thomasmacneil, thanks for creating the post. I am sorry to hear about the the trouble with the Flowplayer custom code. Could you share some info:

  1. Read-only link to the site in Webflow:
  2. Link to the published site
  3. Tell what page the video is on and screenshot shot of that if possible
  4. Link to the flowplayer installation instructions you are using

Thanks in advance! This will help to narrow down the problem.

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