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Video Tutorials: Interactions on Dynamic Lists

Many of the video tutorials, blog posts and forum answers regarding
trigger interactions are shown using basic columns.

As a new webflow user I’ve had a hard time finding examples
of how to set up interactions on dynamic lists.

I follow the advice from the current interactions tutorials but because I am
working with dynamic lists the outcomes are not always successful - especially when:

  1. Using techniques that require objects>interactions> “affect different element(s)”
    (in my experiences this technique ends up triggering EVERY list item when just
    one item is hovered over or clicked.)

  2. When trying to find an alternative to using background images as thumbnail images in a grid
    (since this is not an option when using dynamic lists.)

If there are videos that specifically cover interactions on dynamic lists, please point me
in the right direction! None of my searches brought me to information that was helpful.
If there are not, then I (and probably many others out there) would appreciate video
tutorials that thoroughly cover this topic!

Many thanks!

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hi @Chavilah have you tried the “limit” check boxes?

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Hello, thanks for the prompt response @PixelGeek!

Hours of frustration and work-arounds, all fixed with a checkbox. Hah!
It’s working properly now. Thank you for your help!