Video Slider bug on mobile view

Hello! I have been struggling with overflow on mobile. I have set the parent container to overflow hidden but I am still able to see all videos on mobile.
What can i do to fix this problem?

(Webflow - Snap Films)

Hi Lisa_Yang !

Try to add a div in your body that only has a hidden overflow parameter. Then add all your blocks inside.

Have a nice day !

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So speedy, Thank you! I added the div wrapper suggested but in production (, I am still able to see overflow content however, in its fine…
Are there any other suggestions?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Lisa!

Are you sure you checked the custom domain box when publishing? The CSS in the element inspector on doesn’t seem to find any overflow properties, where the Webflow staging website does.

This wouldn’t be the most elegant solution, but you could add this piece of custom code inside tag

#commercials {
overflow: hidden !important;