Video portfolio - autoplay videos not working?

Hello!!! I am brand new to Webflow, but have worked on other platforms here and there. I am by no means a web designer, rather a branding/video guy who’s dabbled in web by necessity and gotten somewhat ok at it.

I sincerely appreciate any and all help from the community :slight_smile:

The project:

So I am working on migrating from Squarespace to Webflow (for obvious reasons lol)… and am trying to emulate the background autoplay feature I’ve got on the current site ( These are currently set up with a code-embedd block and using Vimeo’s embedd code with “background=1” applied so it can autoplay.

The main challenge is I want to have a bunch of videos (all silent) auto play on load at the top of the page. I tried using the background video function, but it doesn’t seem to actually play the video in preview / published site. Same issue with taking the exact code from my existing site and plugging it into an embed block.

I’m probably missing something super obvious, but I can’t figure out why they’re not playing and the forums I found were quite old so looking to the community for help.

System info:
Browser: Chrome
Computer: Macbook Pro M1 Max
OS: Ventura 13.2.1

Thanks again!!! Appreciate your help in advance

Here is my site Read-Only: ** Webflow - WoCo Studios **