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Video Only Plays When Div Is At Jaunty Angle

I’ve encountered a problem with CMS video content on a website I’m building.

The video only displays when the 3D module is at a jaunty angle. If you try the read-only link and move your cursor to one of the 4 corners of the screen then you can view the video, but if your cursor is in the centre of the screen the video doesn’t show up.

Quite an unusual build, so I’m not sure whether anybody has encountered this before - but if anybody can shed some light on where I’m going wrong, I’d be extremely grateful!

Extra info:

  • The video doesn’t show when the interaction is turned off (unless the 3D module is angled jauntily)

  • The video (if you can’t see it) is in the top left space in the module

  • It’s a video pulled from the CMS; a URL link

Thanks very much.


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