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Video on Rich Text in CMS not working on Chrome with https:// but is on http://

I have a CMS collection with a Rich Text block field. When I try to put a video in the CMS Rich Text the video background will show up on the published site, but I can not play the video. I noticed that this issue happens on Google Chrome if I am visiting my site using “https://” . When I visit it using “http://” the video works as expected. If it’s any help with tracking down the problem I also noticed that the video works on Microsoft edge with both https and http.

This is the link to my read-only site:

This is the domain I’m publishing to:

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Anyone have any idea or pointers?

Hi @Orr, on my chrome computer the video is working perfectly!

Try refreshing using CMD + Shift + R or make a hard refresh on the inspect section. If not, check if any of the chrome extensions are creating some issues, you can test this by opening the page on an Incognito window.

Thank you! Disabling my extensions and clearing cookies and cache fixed the problem.

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