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Video not publishing but can see it in preview..?

My video that is embedded in my site all of a sudden stopped publishing. I can see and play it in preview but it does not publish to desk or mobile. Does anyone know why and maybe take a look? I know there was a bug back in July but I cannot figure out what to do.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Remix!

I can see that your video is visible now in, were you able to re-publish without further issues?

Hello, thanks for the response, yes all of a sudden it worked…hmmm. Actually i was going to post another question and maybe you can help?
When viewing my site on my iPhone, I can “drag” the content side to side when scrolling vertically. i was trying to figure out why this is doing this. I really want the content “locked” side to side.

Any idea what I have done to cause that?

Thanks again

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