Video links in CMS not playing on site

All of a sudden, none of our videos that are linked in our CMS are playing. We are getting this: IAMC - Happy New Year 2024 ...

Anyone having this issue? It just started happening today.

Check the other posts for info…

Yeah I’ve checked other posts and it seems others are having the same issue. It’s also happening on all of my client’s sites as well.

Was this ever solved? This is happening on my site too: Notion Feedback Template [1-1s & Tracker] | Slam Media Lab | Slam Media Lab

Yep, videos were down for about 4 hours. Some form of “upstream provider” issue with Embedly from what I discern. Whatever issue you’re having likely isn’t related, because my Loom vids are working fine.

I can see you’re using Loom as well, my guess is a design issue, your iframes and embeds are not rendering into the HTML for e.g. Natalie, Connie, and Sydney…

Sydney’s is actually text only, so that one is displaying properly. I’ve seen this on other collection item pages too where we can see the first one but none of the rest, which is strange. Here’s a read only link if helpful!

I’d recommend you start a new thread on this since it’s unrelated to the outage last week. More likely to get community assistance.