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Video Links Cut Off Dropdown Menu


I am experiencing an issue that I’m wondering if any of you experienced, or know a way to fix. I am trying to create a central menu button on my pages that when clicked opens into a full screen menu. I also want this menu button to stay fixed at the top, so as you scroll through the page you can always click on it to be brought to the menu. I’ve got the menu working the way I want, except that if you scroll down the page to a video, and click the button, the video cuts off the menu.

For an example, check out this page:

Is there a better way to have designed this full screen menu? And is there any sort of styling I should put on the videos so they don’t show up above every other element?

One other note: The videos are put in as links in a collection. I want to have performer pages that compile, automatically, any videos that performer was in. So I don’t think I could do them as embeds, or add custom code to the video itself as it’s just a link (I could be wrong, though, because I have barely any idea what I’m doing.)

Thank you!

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Hello, @zach

All you need is set z-index to the nav section.

I think for that you will have to re-organize collections on your site.

I would do this:

  1. Collection of all performers with their information (social links, bio, etc)
  2. Collection of all videos with “Performer” as a referenced field (not multireference). If you need to have a few performers for one video set several of this fields.
  3. I would not make a show date as a separate collection, it is easier to make a date field in the “videos” collection.

Not sure what the purpose of “Past shows” collection. With date field in the “videos” collection, you could have separate page with dynamic this list, filtered by date field.

Then you will be able to filter the “videos” collection by performer name and set the list of the videos on the performer template or other separate page.

Hope I was able to explain.


Hi Sabanna!

Thank you! The Z index makes sense now.

Also, if I understood your message fully…this would save me a lot of time and effort!

I was under the impression that you couldn’t make dynamic collections on those template pages. Like, if I went to the template page and had it include a section for videos and a section for writing, wouldn’t it just show any possible video? Or if I filtered it, this filter would carry over to every other performer page, because that’s how I did it on the template?

Is it possible, then, to make a template page that is filtered entirely to that performer? So then whenever a new video comes out, i just say which performer did it and it shows up automatically on their page, and then I don’t need to make new pages for each performer or do weird, clumsy workarounds (like the performer links i put into the video collection.) Is there a support article that explains this?

Thank you again for any insight you can give!

Yes, it is exactly how it would work.

Every performer will have its own template page. Then you are adding dynamic collection “videos” to this template and filter it by current performer.

Whole the database (collections) structure pretty similar to the blog system with articles and several authors. If I will find the tutorial about creating blog I will share it here

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I changed up my site around this suggestion and it worked great. Thank you!

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