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Video linking to a YouTube URL and displaying unwanted overlays


Has anyone experienced this and solved it?

I would like to show a YouTube video on a website I’m designing, but I can’t successfully remove the title and share buttons whilst it’s being displayed (not playing) on the page - Once clicked, the title disappears, but the ‘save for later’ and ‘share’ buttons are still visible.

Any advice?
Many thanks

Hi @ThinKingCr8tion

Could you provide a read-only link so that we can see what you’re dealing with?
Here is how:



Here’s the link:


Looks like you’ve already got it working. Do you still need help with this?

I’ve managed to do it with an ‘Embed’, but I think my problem is more with how YouTube video links.
I’m no expert, but from what I can see, there is no way of having a video uploaded to YouTube without it potentially being shared via social media. Basically, my client wants their videos to be on their site and nowhere else.

I’ve looked at Dropbox and Vimeo, but both appear to have problems linking.

If you could shine some light on this dilemma I would really appreciate it.


Can’t you just upload it to youtube and mark it as hidden? Then only people with the link can see it.

Unfortunately, even though the video(s) are labelled as ‘unlisted’, if someone chooses to click the YouTube link (which is impossible to remove completely) - the only thing stopping someone from sharing the video via the same or other social media channels, is a warning/message asking them to respectively considered the fact that the video is unlisted before continuing… So really the only thing preventing the video from being shared is the users own conscience.