Video hosting from G-Drive causing possible Webflow Internal Server Error

Hey all,
I built my portfolio that includes a lot of embedded videos using a code block method that is referencing mp4’s hosted on a G-Drive. This worked fine for about the last 3 months. Now suddenly the videos are appearing and dissapearing each time you reload the page, sometimes 2/5 load, sometimes 4/5. I havent made any updates to cause this. When I check the console for bugs its showing GET LINKTOVIDEOTHATSMISSING net::ERR_ABORTED 500 (Internal Server Error) Im not sure which server is having that internal error, wether its the G-drive or Webflow? When I check the links to the videos missing they load fine. So im thinking that Internal Server Error might be a Webflow Internal Server Error.
Anyone know how to diagnose this a bit further? Likely fix is re-host every thing not on G-Drive, but with alot of videos that feels like a big undertaking.
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Thanks in advance!

@Ryan_Knight - If the assets your browser is trying to load are not on the Webflow CDN then that issue would not be related to Webflow.

Makes sense, however they’re loading fine whenever accessing them any other meathod other than the embedded code block.

@Ryan_Knight - Google drive is not a video hosting service, rather a file sharing service. I would never recommend using it for this purpose for any of my clients. If you want predictable results that provides optimized delivery and loading you should really look into a video hosting service/platform.

Looking at whats going on do you think that it is the isse?

Iv just tested it using Vimeo as the hosting platform and the video is still not showing. I am confused as I have made no changes to cause this, and as Vimeo is considered a good CDN im thinking its something else causing the bug.