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Video Frame Issue - Help!

Hello friends.

I’m trying to make a frame for the video on my homepage. I figured the best way to do it would to be the image I drew as a frame as a div background and then have the video inside the div so that, as the web browser resized, those two things would stay linked. Obviously not working, as this screen shot shows.

The video is set to resize so I tried to set it so the video had a fixed width but everything is not behaving, could use a fresh set of eyes on my site + my code to see if there’s a better fix.

Best, J.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Specifically referring to “Home 2” page!

@jessgraham Hi. Im a bit confused. as it is now you can only see your design i web size.
Is that something you have done or is that your problem.

Im very confused about your class structure with a page wrapper, why??

@jessgraham, did some quick testing and did not have any problem with the video on any device.
First you must set all elements visible on all devices., the you have to change the margins and padding in your video wrapper