Video embed doesn't work on iPad

The hero video on my home page isn’t working on an iPad, though it works on everything in my Webflow project. Everything seems to be in order. This is a recent issue, I have been using the same embed. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only:

@dankanvis - If you are having an issue on a specific device; please share your project published link. That way it can be inspected. Also you would need to share the password or remove it so one could test.

Thanks for the note, I thought the read only link was accessible regardless.
The password is “northville”

iPad 6th Gen Safari 11 ->


What exact device and IOS version?

I’m testing on iPad 5 with Safari

Which version of IOS?

Update to date, iOS 12.4

Try clearing your cache.

It’s working here ->