Video downloading as BIN file in Windows using Chrome


On this page of my site and all pages I use the webflow video module, my developers have noticed that on windows/linux when they use chrome they attempt to watch the videos but they download as a BIN file instead of letting them watch.

Are you experiencing this on your end? Any idea how to fix it?

Here is my read only link

^This is just an image of the module on my end (chrome, mac)

I couldn’t replicate your issue in chrome, worked for me, also great site!

Can you try looking at your site in incognito mode? Maybe it might be an installed plugin/browser extension that may be causing this.

Glad you couldnt replicate and it was working well! might just be an issue with plugins/browser extensions! Having my dev test now! Ill be in touch!

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He retested and realized he was using chromium and this is not happening on regular chrome. Not sure if you guys support chromium but im ok as this is not a browser my customers typically use.

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