Video BG not uploading

Hi guys, I’m new to webflow, I want to implement an animated website BG but it’s too complicated to recreate here, I decided to render the animation as a video and use it as a BG however it doesn’t seem to upload. The video is only 15mb, with no sound, and no foreign characters in the name, I also tried to render with different settings (using adobe premier pro) but it doesn’t seem to work

What file type is the video you are trying to upload?

I exported it as mp4 file

Hi @Lil_Kat,

Would you be able to try uploading using a different browser? I’ve seen issues before because of browser extensions etc.

If you’re still having issues, would you be able to send through a screen recording of what you’re seeing when you’re trying to upload the video. You can use any free screen recording tool like CloudApp or Loom to record your screen.


worth trying (the order do not matter).

browser/webflow side:

  1. Try chrome incognito mode.
  2. Try difference browser.
  3. Clear cache.
  4. Try to upload this video on diff project (working or not?).
  5. Restart your system.

Any webflow errors when you upload the video? (Y/N).

Video side:

  1. Check of course if the video working on video player.
  2. Use adobe encoder and some “famous” preset (Like YouTube presets).
    **on very rare cases it is related to video codecs.
  3. Rename the video.

Global side:

  1. Check your internet connection (WIFI “internet noise” could cause issues like this).**very rare

If nothing not working - try to upload the video to Youtube and see if Youtube throw any errors.

Nothing happens at all, if I drag and drop it just says copy but nothing happens, if I click on upload nothing happens, no errors no nothing I tried incognito mode, new project, I even uploaded it to vimeo and when I paste the link it doesn’t work at all (the video on vimeo is accessible with no errors)

I tried 3 different browsers with an without incognito, different accounts, multiple projects, nothing works, I restarted my system and I still got the same problem. When it comes to the video, I have 7 versions each they all work on a video player and uploaded to vimeo. Webflow doesn’t show any errors when I upload it doesn’t even detect it, when I drag an image the ui changes to “add to asset manager” but when I drag the video it just says “+copy” on my cursor and nothing happens, I also tried the upload button and it doesn’t work

So Talk with Webflow support. Share with me in private the video maybe.

Thank you everyone for trying to help, I found the solution. I was trying to upload the video to the asset manager while that is not supported by webflow