Video being blocked by external website


There is an external website (it’s like an event page whhere different companies go to) where our video is being linked, don’t know exactly how but a co-worker linked our video on their website. But the video is being blocked, I thought maybe it was vimeo but I get the same result with vimeo and youtube.

This video can be seen on our homepage. It’s now hosted on youtube.

Anyone know how to unblock the video?

From your error, it looks like you’re trying to play Youtube videos inside of a Vimeo player.

Weird. When I use the link to the same video on our vimeo account the error is still the same.

I’m not sure what you’re saying there, do you control that external site as well?

If they’ve already scraped your site to get the video link, you changing the video that appears on your site probably won’t change the video link they’re trying to display on their site.

You’ll need to find out what they want in terms of video platform hosting ( youtube / vimeo ? ) and give them the correct playback URL for that platform.

Oh no I don’t control the other website. It’s a website where you can see which companies are participating in some kind of upcoming event.

Yeah I saw others using a youtube video. But in my case it doesn’t work. I don’t think it’s a matter of which platform my video is hosted on but more of a content security policy problem which makes it hard since i’m not very familiar with these :S

No it’s not a content security problem. You might check your settings on YouTube / Vimeo to make sure you video is publicly available, or at least viewable by anyone with the link, and that you haven’t blocked any embed settings.

But if it’s playing OK in your site, those settings should be fine.

Again you need to contact that site owner- they’ve just scraped your site wrong and are trying to play the wrong video with the wrong player.

It is publicly available, I checked. Hmm okay I will send them an email. Thank you anyway!